Stewart Lake

Stewart Lake 10,232 feet Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico April 19, 2014

First alpine lake adventure of 2014 for me in the books.  The dog (Patch) and I are happy to be back in the mountains after what seemed like a long winter.  Or perhaps it was me thinking about getting into the mountains all winter that made it seem longer.  Whatever it may be,  I knew I wanted to day-hike it up to Stewart Lake (10, 232 feet), and that’s exactly what I did.  Just past the turnoff of Winsor Trail, I was met with snow.  The final ascent on the Skyline Trail proved a bit challenging.  Soft snow on the northeast slope made for a mile of waist deep post-holing.  The demanding hike was worth the effort.  I didn’t see any other visible footprints in the snow at Stewart Lake.  Perhaps I was the first person to Stewart Lake for 2014.


Stewart Lake, August 2013


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